museo de las momias / guanajuato

On one of the municipal cemeteries they had opened tombs in order to create space for new dead bodies and they discovered grotesque mummified bodies, even they were just a few decades old. A rumor says that the poeple from guanajauto have a hang to macabre and morbid things, well, i guess there could be a cohesion.

In this museum they display shelves of the graves as well with inscriptions such as names, death year and usually r.i.p. (rest in peace). but now the mummies are -with the pants down- on display in the museum and be admired by hordes of school children. up to a size of 4 feet they are allowed the enter the museum for free and adults over 60 get ghoulishly a discount.

2 comments on “museo de las momias / guanajuato
  1. Nico Weber says:

    They are admired by school children? Wow, that’s what I would live to see as well. Greta pictures, Norbert. Congratulations.

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