méxico city / 2

México Centro is – out off kilter. The city was originally founded on an island. The surrounding sea is long gone, but the soft ground makes the Old Town peu à peu-sink. the ground has already yielded 10 meters in the last 70 years. Everything is incline and lean. Palaces, towers, churches – with just one leaning tower europe can go home then.

México Centro is – militarily. Everywhere crowds of soldiers and police men with shields and guns. As would they have a mass demonstration every morning. The deployment of troops is México’s response to social conflicts. In ther center of México City they ensure the safety for the visitors – with success.

México Centro is – clean. Those who are not in the army, are armed with a broom. Everywhere they sweep and pick things up. Waste separation doesn´t take place at the trash cans but on the garbage trucks. There the workers are picking up all recyclables with their bare hands.

© bettina guthier

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