marc bergeron

OnedayOnephoto is a facebook group that was created by the german photographer Frank Lange  ( friend of ours) about six years ago and now it has about 820 members.

Frank had told me to contact the Canadian photographer Marc Bergeron, who lives in quebec city, and that he could certainly recommend some places to go. Marc got my “facebook friend” and we met him in his city – wow, I hadn´t in mind that real friendship could grow in such a short time out of a facebook-„friend“.

But one after the other: Marc Bergeron studied photography and worked then, because the possibility revealed, as a military-photographer. He had to document several wars with his camerea, lost many of his comrades, got wounded and his traumatic experiences don´t let him go. Now he is retired and seven years ago he had married for the first time in his life.

His wife France is a charming, endearing Québecois. Previously, as he told, he was not in a position to start a family because of his many worldwide inserts.

Marc Bergeron is an active member at OnedayOnephoto. He had shown us the city of québec , hosted us wonderfully at his home and introduced us to his friends. I dedicate this blog contribution to him and Frances selfless, incredible hospitality and here i show some pictures of a trip with friends on his boat.

Encounters with other people make a journey interesting; encounters with friends like Marc Bergeron enrich it indefinitely.

Thanks France, thanks Marc, thanks to all your friends, who had given us a great time in québec city. © n.g.

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