We were surprised to see a large, wild colony of macaws at the entrance to the ruins of copán. Perhaps a hundred of these impressive, large parrots screamed and flew in large groups over the ruins.

The population consists mainly from offsprings that had been released and their hatchlings. A few years ago the “macaw mountain park” was established near copán. This park takes care of macaws which were kept illegally as pets and, if possible, they introduce them into the wild again. Those animals which are too close to humans and aren´t able to survive in freedom, live and breed in large groups in aviaries. There, they raise 4 to 5 chicks each year, while their colleagues in the wild only raise 1to3 chicks every few years due to lack of food and other hazards. And after the offsprings had learned to feed themselves, then it´s time to fly into freedom.


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