kingsley plantation

I had written in my blog contribution about the  drayton plantation in charlston (see: https://blog.guthier.com/?p=1051) that only little information was given about  the the slavery. This information I got today in a very impressive  way. Many display boards reported and showed this outrage at that time and an audio guide gave additional background information. An absolute must, and highlight, if you visit this corner of the world.

Even the driveway through the marshes of north-florida is an experience and also there is no entrancefee. ©n.g.

And here comes the moving story of the kingsley family: Zephaniah kingsley relocated to spanish florida in 1803 and became a successful merchant and planter. His african wife, anna madgigine jai, was from senegal. Kingsley purchased her as a slave in havanna, cuba in 1806. He freed anna and their children in 1811. In 1814 he moved his family to fort george island. Anna took advantage of spanish views on race and society, which enabled her to own her own plantation and sclaves. She also was her husband´s business parnter.

When spain lost control of florida in 1821 legislators in the new united states territory quickly enacted laws that greatly reduced the civil liberties of free blacks, such as kingsle`s family members. His campain to keep a system of sociesty where people were judged by class, and not by color, was largely ignored. By 1832 the harsch lays restricting he rights of all „persons of color“ became intolerable. Faced with the reality of his family losing theri freedom upon his death, he began looking for a country where they could live without restirctions ….

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