kennedy space center

The best place to investigate the rumors if the americans had been to the moon or not is of course the space center.

In cape canaveral the kennedy space center is very impressively and absolutely worth a visit. Here you see an original saturn 5 rocket together with a used and burned return capsule, the only item which returned to earth. The event to access the exhibition hall of  the original atlantis shuttle is stunning and ends with a “wow” effect. With simulators you can try to control the moon landing ferry  or you can land the shuttle on a tarmac runway.

The development of space-suits can be seen up to Alan Shepards used work-clothing with real dust from the moon. You can explore huge walk-in models for example the international space station and some spaceships, the hubble telescope, lots of original rockets and there are also great 3d movies  on display from the iss (international space station) and from the universe. And even there is the opportunity to touch an original tiny moon rock. Does it need further proofs? Here is the ultimate one: inside the adjacent restroom everything worked! (see also blog-contributory: https://blog.guthier.com/?p=947)

Wow. The americans had been really on the moon. :-)  © n.g.

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