juana córdova / ecuador

gallery in quito exhibiting juana córdova´s work cjuana córdova at work feathers in acrylic

Many thanks to juana córdova and sebastián malo for their exceptional hospitality, the glimpse into her artistic work and the stay in this breathtaking location.

Juanas statement about her work:

My work is directly influenced by the places I’ve lived. When I lived in the city I was interested in issues related to social stereotypes and the dialectic between the natural and the artificial. At that time, my works express concerns about the role of women in a society influenced by the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Other proposals reflect on the food industry; in this respect I built a series of structures with the bones of edible animals as a kind of homage.

My approach to the botanical world and its history has been an important motivation for some years. In this stage I created the gardens of plants made in paper.  The plant world was the link to make the decision of my last move. Now that I live in the countryside, on the beach, nature has become the protagonist of my work.

To observe, to walk, to collect and to investigate are daily activities and this has became a part of the creation process. The materials I’m using are objects collected during my walks on the beaches such as feathers, bones, sticks or pieces of garbage that take on meaning by themselves in the artworks, where they acquire symbolic characteristics.

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