isla pingüino / argentina

magellanic penguin sea lion sea lion sea lion rock hopper penguin you have to be a mother to love it

in the close neighborhood of puerto deseado is a small island offshore. The name penguin island is already the program, besides sea lions and numerous bird species there are two penguin species living here. 30.000 magellanic penguins breed here and about 40 years ago some rock penguins had chosen this island as their breeding ground and since then this colony is growing. In the meantime there are already over 2000 animals. The young ones were molting and looked a bit ugly. Susan hunt, the australian zoo director in perth once said to us: “you have to be a mother to love it”, but at that time she meant a baby mammal.

Some young rock hoppers dared to go into the water for the first time – you could feel their indecisiveness. When a wave surprised them, they hurried back to land.

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