There is an app that simplifies the finding of nice places to stay, because the travelers pass on their personal experience to the community with an evaluation. This also has the consequence that you meet like-minded people on the recommended places and those haven´t necessarily to travel with a truck.

For example, we met jens. Eight months ago he started with his bike in vancouver, canada and in the meantime he is in the south of méxico. For all not-overlander: everybody on the road, even we with a big rig, try to save weight. Always. Not jens, who tows a 25kg heavy bike trailer and in it sits his dog hans. Hans weigh about 45 kg and feels – even if it is a ridgeback-rottweiler-mixture – happy „as a poodle“ (means: happy as a clam). Hans in happiness!

(In the german language we have a saying: „pudelwohl“ which is directly translated to „happy as a poodle“. And there is a fairy tale called „hans im glück = hans in happiness“ and i don´t know if this is understandable in english spoken countries)

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