Iglesia de la compañia de jesús / ecuador

The old town of quito is blessed with numerous churches. Well, I only go into such buildings when my blood pressure is low but after entering the iglesia de la compañia I needed a pack of antihypertensives.

I only know two churches that are secured with a fence (the second is notre-dame-de-la-paix de yamoussoukro *) and here in quito mainly begging indigenous people are kept away from the church portal. This church here asks for $5 entrance fee for every visitor to admire the 7 tons of gold. (wich is now 270 000 000us$) Gold, which was probably mainly stolen and remelted from the indigenous people. oh yes, and you are not allowed to take pictures in this church. Truly, truly a christian revelation!

* the second largest showpiece building of christianity stands in yamoussoukro /ivory coast. This church, allegedly donated by the president houphouët-boigny, could accommodate all christians of the country at the same time.

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