humpback whales

we asked our selves: what income might the poeple of digby neck have? The answer: lobster and scallops fishing and the whale-watching tourism. Whales next to us, that was a promise which we wanted to check out. We drove with a zodiac (a rubber dighy with a powerful outboard engine) into the bay of fundy and we were lucky. Just after 30 minutes of driving our skipper discovered the first whales. He stopped the engine, now floating and let the whales come closer. There were three adult humpbacks in the size of 12 to 15 meters. The boat wasn´t very impressive for them, they were already habituated. The small rubber boat doesn´t bite and if, their 25 to 30 tons were a weighty argument. By the way, humpbacks are very  communicative and with 190 decibel not easy to miss hearing them. The group of three were snoozing, submerged from time to time and then one ot them said with a huge jump „good bye“  to its buddies. In this moment I should`t had swapped lenses. © n.g.

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