hotel la guitarra / pacific coast

Street parking with family connection

Montericco Hawaii is a narrow peninsula with black lava sand. It´s located in the south of Guatemala between the pacific coast and the mangroves of the plains. The so called ‚canal’ is navigable until El Salvador.

Seven months ago, Fredy and Katy opened their small family hotel, which they had build by their own: Hotel La Guitarra. The large pool with jacuzzi is Fredy’s pride. On weekends, families from Guatemala City having a break here from the big city jungle. Then the 6 rooms are occupied with up to 40 persons and more. From Sunday afternoons, the beach again belongs to the small fishing community, the pigs, the chickens and the dogs. Thank you for your hospitality, family connection and Katy’s Venezuelian food. We wish you all the best for your young business! By the way: Overlanders are welcome!!

2 comments on “hotel la guitarra / pacific coast
  1. Once again wonderfull images, always very nice to follow you guys on your journey, you are getting closer to Costa Rica :),
    Best regards to both of you xoxo
    Marc and France

    • admin says:

      thanks marc for your comments. please wait until november 2017, then we will come to costa rico as well. see you!!! :-)

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