gus kopriva / houston

gus kopriva redbud and g-gallery / houston gus with artists opening at a gallery gus and sharon kopriva sharon and gus kopriva grand opening at redbud gallery on his way to a meeting meeting with artists /  project sculptures houston heights boulevard

Gus Kopriva was born in Baden Baden, but after his mother married an american soldier, the family with the then 8 years old Gus moved  to the United States. He became an engineer and worked for Dow Chemical, he married sharon (watch her video here) and discovered his passion for art. He promotes artists and exhibits their work in his gallery „redbud“ in houston heights. He also collects -among others- prints from the german expressionists. He works as a curator of exhibitions worldwide and is an excelent networker – what we experienced during our visit. He introduced us to the art scene and to many artists in houston, he took time to show us museums and interesting sites. Currently he organizes a sculpture project on the heights boulevard. (i will report). The encounter with him was a highlight of our recent trip – thank you Gus. © n.g.

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