exhibition co_works

co_work goes dresden

We searched for a great place. Directly at Cliff Pond in the Nickerson State Park / Cape Cod. We wanted to sit picturesquely with our vehicle in the background on the sandy beach, the laptop on our lap. Sometimes in life it comes different: At 8 pm local time in dresden when we switched via skype to the opening of the exhibition, we sat in the car and the rain drummed on the roof.

Thanks to my CoWorkers Matthias Bolz, Christian Knecht and Nuno Evaristo, you have greatly represented us and many thanks to Sybille Nütt and her team: you’ve done a great job as always. The hanging of the work looks fantastic and it was a brilliant idea to make your opening speech as a dialogue with us. It was nice that we could participate despite being 4000 miles away. © B.G.

 exhibition “co_works”

sybille nütt gallery

from 25th of sep. to 15th. of nov. 2014 in dresden

www.galerie-sybille-nuett.de/ news

 show up at the exhibition and please forward wonderful greetings from us!

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