davey cadaver / portland

Davey explains and describes his work:

Davey Cadaver is a self taught artist residing in the Pacific Northwest. He is an avid reader, writer, magician, musician, apophenist, and dream interpreter. He is also interested in spirit animals, extraterrestrials, and the use of shamanic and medicinal plants.
His current body of work centers around the self and questions the relationship between man and nature. Though Davey has shown his art in places across the world, his primary focus is exploration within. Through both research and hands on experience, Davey has captured the essence of a moment in time. He has incorporated organic elements such as coffee, tea, and walnut ink to connect the pieces further with the natural realm. Using his breath, seemingly random splatters transform and tell stories. He has planted the seeds, and now, the wind will carry them to those that are open to discovery.

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