corona virus / uruguay / germany

storage place in uruguay airport montevideo airport frankfurt

The corona / covid 19 hysteria reached tranquil uruguay and the street vendors began to sell toilet paper at the crossroads. We preferred our return flights for two days, which had been planned months ahead, because the airport in montevideo announced that it would be closed soon.

We came back to a changed germany. Well, egoists who don’t allow others to buy toilet paper probably existed before.

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  1. Christl Grießbach says:

    The toilet paper problem emerged from sudden home office obligeance. Private shopping included much more TP and flour and noodles since people had to stay at home, use the toilet at home instead of at the office and cook at home instead of using the restaurants. It took some time for the supermarkets to stock enough of those goods for the new situation. – of course there are fearful people around who grab every bit of paper they can, but the beginning of it all was quite a normal change in procedure.

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