copán / honduras

rosalila temple inside the pyramid the replica of the rosalila temple at the museum / copán

The most important maya site in honduras and probably the last one on our way to south america.

Copán has become known through the many, magnificent steles and through the rosalila temple which archaeologists had found under a newer pyramid. it is well known that the mayas had expanded their temple from time to time, just built over the existing structurals. In search of the older building structures, the archaeologists dug through the pyramids – 2,5 miles in case of copán. So they discovered the rosalila temple and partially excavated it without damaging the overlying pyramid. A replica of this very sacred maya temple is shown in the museum, which was built at the entrance to the ruins. To the delight of the posterity, the mayas had carefully overbuilt the holy place and so all frescoes and ornaments have been preserved. Another archaeological sensation in copán is the glyphic staircase with the longest known maya inscription. However, today it is protected from the environmental influences by a tarpaulin without taking responsibilty to the aesthetic requirements of the visitors.

Like all other Maya sites, copán was also abandoned after 850 a.d.. quite suddenly. It is certain that a series of dry periods, caused by the depletion of nature such as monocultures and deforestation of the rainforest, have led to the decline. this probably also meant fundamental social upheavals, especially as the rain did not appear despite the increasing numbers of of human sacrifices. Then probably all the god kings have been hunted to the devil.


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