coco´s corner

The route from puertositos to the highway no 1 still passes Coco’s corner. The dusty, bumpy and narrow dirt-road- will be replaced (and they are working since years on it) by a new paved road which no longer tangents Coco’s corner.

Coco lives since 26 years in the center of no-where. Even two dusty roads are crossing here but that doensn´t mean there is much traffic. He is now 79 years old and he had driven motorcycle races, he has lost a leg by an accident at work and by an infection he lsot his second one. He asked the docter to amputate it in the same length, this would make it easier he exclaimed. Coco sells refreshments and maintains for many, many years aguestbooks. Meanwhile, there were nine notebooks, unfortunately one had been stolen, he regretted. Among all the entries there was also one from “horst and rita”. we had met this couple in Canada on the icefield parkway several months ago. Well, maybe it’s still a center of “some-where”

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