Cockscomb basin wildlife sanctuary / belize

Dr Alan Rabinowitz has been described as ‘the Indiana Jones of wildlife conservation and he is the guy who first had surveilled the cockscomb basin and discovered that this area has the highest amount of jaguars in the world. By the way, he, the pilot and the photographer, were slightly injured in this plane crash, and the wreck is now swallowed up by the jungle. (see pictures) Thanks to dr. alan rabinowitz, an area of approx. 3600 hectares was put under protection in 1986, which was quickly expanded to 128,000 hectares until today. 60 – 80 jaguars live in the cockscomb basin wildlife sanctuary and because you can look only a few meters into the dense jungle, it´s equal to a jackpot in the lottery to get one of these animals in front of the lens.

Thanks to dr. christof schenck (frankfurt zoological society), who recommended us to visit this natural gem.

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