closing reception

many thanks to gail and fred tieken for this incredible event. many thanks also to all my co_workers. without their contribution this exhibition wouldn´t excist. and many thanks to everybody who had visited this co_works show.

… see us in houston, october 1st.

Here some comments about the show:

Went to check out the Co_Works show for the last time (so sad!) at Tieken Gallery. Thank you Gail and Fred Tieken, Norbert and Bettina Guthier for gracing us with this world class show in the Tiekens’ amazingly gorgeous gallery. David Paul and Kimber Jones in attendance too! The Guthiers travel the world to capture brilliant images. Next, selected artists paint pieces inspired by an image, thus creating a Co_Work. A painting and image of the same dimensions hang together as one, resulting in visual and emotional interplay between the two mediums and their subject matter.

Co_Works will be shown in Houston beginning October 1. © anne m. pylon

I can’t quit thinking about the CO_WORKS show I saw at Fred Tieken‘s gallery today – I may have to go back tomorrow.. The whole show was outstanding. © nancy hill

Dear Bettina and Norbert, freshly returned from the Canarien Islands we wish you both many visitors and guests enjoying all the well displayed and magnificent Co_works at this Sunday. Fingers cross for all artists how are involved in that unique and fascinating international project! Best wishes, Sybille Nütt ‪Galerie Sybille Nütt and Andreas Bley ‪Ferienwohnungen Dresden Stadtzentrum © andreas bley

A lovely afternoon at the Tieken Gallery enjoying the Co_Works Show curated by artist Norbert Guthier. The adventures and art are spectacular and well worth seeing again! © cathryn hugger

Had a fantastic time at the Tieken Gallery for the Norbert Guthier co_works show! Thank you to Fred and Gail Tieken for the hospitality and the excellent artwork! smile emoticon © Megan McDonald

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