pond close to the drayton hall building staircase / drayton hall ballroom / drayton hall our truck in front of drayton hall

Charleston was one of the richest cities in north america, at least before the “civil war”. The city is wellknown by the dance and by the lady with the banana tutu. It was josephine baker who had made the fidgety charleston known to the world. But the city is also known by the numerous “plantations”, former residences of the large landowners. We had choosen the original and not subsequently modernized “Drayton Hall” mansion for sightseeing. It was explained to us that the former wealth came through the large rice-growing areas. However, little observance was awarded for those who had suffered in appalling torments and privations for the wealth of their owners, the slaves.

Charleston was one of the metropolises for the slave trade and today hardly any place remembered the thousandfold  agony. Instead, we were introduced to the luxurious life of the former owner of “Drayton Hall” in many anecdotes and year dates. 

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