elvis in the blue moon diner sweets in the blue moon diner mr. pantops at work

While we were waiting for a service-on time for our truck, we had breakfast at the blue moon diner (bring something to eat on sundays, because it takes time until breakfast will be served. But it’s worth to wait).

Mercedes doesn’t  support trucks in america, so they sent us over to the truck garage of chevrolet. The mechanical maintanance could be done ​​but with our „hill starting problem“ we were referred to mr. pantops . With his truck from the last millennium he is on the road since many years as a car trouble helper and he even had the matching plugs and the right software for our Atego on board. Read error, software reset, ad-blue refill, bingo. On the road again.

During our stay on the nearby campground we experienced the american hospitality „at it´s best“. thanks folks. © n.g.

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