chan chan / perú

at the bottom: squirrels / above: water / at the top: sky fishing nets our guide victor with his monthly publication

… is the world’s largest city built with clay! Great how our guide victor, a studied archaeologist, explained the symbolism of the reliefs used at that time. the ancient egyptians could not solve the problem of a three-dimensional painting on a surface and it was not until 1410 that flippo brunelleschi created the first perspective picture panels of modern times, according to many art historians.

The chimú culture (1250 to 1470) solved the problem in its own interesting way. Everything that is close to the viewer is shown below, consequently everything that is further away is shown above and the distance is at the top. So, in the ornaments on the left and right next to the door (in the first picture) the squirrels come at the bottom, above them in horizontal lines the water and right, the smooth surface above: the sky.

Victor said, the national geographic magazine brings in its february issue 2019 a big report about chan chan with sensational, new discoveries…

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