botanical garden “buena fortuna” / la ribera

kitzia kokopelmana kitzia kokopelmana

We had a recommendation to visit the botanical garden in la ribera. This private run project reminded me very much to the project of the australian biologist alan carle, who founded togehter his wife susan “the botanical ark” in mossman / australia and still runs it.

The botanical garden “buena fortuna” on the baja califonia sur is a project of well known biologist gabriel howearth (seeds of change) and kitzia kokopelmana (countryside designer with useful plants & kitchen alchemist). Both projects see themselves as a living seed bank for endangered and rare plant species, with a special attention to the useful plants.

Kitzias mission is: “I dedicate my life of Service to the Earth to all living beings. May every seed planted be multiplied to bring abundance to every home. May every garden be cultivated organically so the ecosystems allow a great diversity of natural life to thrive. It is my purpose in life to carry on organic seeds of botanical diversity to co-create beauty and abundance now and for the future generations.”

p.s.: if you are interested in this topic, please order the botanical ark book!

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