blue spring

There are headwater streamsin florida which simply gush from the ground. One of them is the “blue spring” which swells about 400 million liters a day (104 million gallons | day) and because the temperature even in wintertimes stays constantly at 21 degrees celcius celsius (70 degrees fahrenheit), many manatees come to this source from november on to avoid the cold water in the rivers. These critters are actually related to the elephants, bob up and down on the water, puffing and are absolutely peaceful. Unfortunately -and equally comprehensible- you are not allowed to swim with the manatees because they are under strong protection.

The vegetation along the river source is overwhelmingly beautiful and this has spread out also to the tourists. Accordingly, the park is often crowded. But during our visit in november we were almost alone. An absolute highlight. © n.g.

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