bert esenherz

I promised myself to take special care of my new super wide angle lens, but soon when bert started to paint, it was done not only to my jacket and trousers

as a teenager bert esenherz had studied  at the academy of arts in berlin. There he was thrown out because he almost never showed up in the classroom. For his livelihood he jobed in a pub, and soon became his best customer. He went to new york and decided to dedicate his life to the arts and started as a street artist. In 2001, after many years in New York he decided cross the usa by feet. He grabbed a large image, put on a cart together with some belongings took off with olmost no money. In the more urban places he could make a liveing through pictures sales, then in the rural parts the fight for survival began. when he was hungry , he painted 10-dollar notes and replaced them for something edible. In After september 11th things had changed totally, he stopped the project and returned to new york. Since two years he lives in los angeles and he is represented in several major international galleries. It was really nice to chat with him and he promised to participate in the co-works project. So be curious and see what will come up. 

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  1. M says:

    Nice seeing you paint Berrtttt!

    M. Servin

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