bagdad / iraq

mustansiriya medrasa university mustansiriya medrasa university kazmiyya mosque (no cameras inside allowed!) iraq museum iraq museum

after the plundering of saddam hussein, the gulf wars and the is terror, iraq has not really recovered economically. Two generations have been deprived of a well founded education, the schools and the health system are still in a state of collapse. Everywhere are military checks pints, we were probably considered an unusual vehicle and were therefore always inspected with suspicion.

The people are happy about every tourist, they are probably the sign of a normalisation of the living situation, but we really didn’t meet many tourists.

Baghdad has grown from 4 to probably 8-11 million inhabitants in just a few years, and the streets and souks are correspondingly chaotic. The most important traffic rule seems to be: “don’t give space”. And unfortunately, environmental awareness seems to have been lost in the turmoil of war; we rarely have we seen such a littered country.

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