albert schweitzer

My first inspiration towards art came from my father. He drew cartoons and would sometimes exhibit his work. As a child I loved the book Where the Wild Things Are. After that, I would take inspiration from Science Fiction. I was fascinated by space creatures, aliens, monsters, goblins, and creatures from my dreams. Much of this was drawn from Omni magazine and MADD magazine, both of which I encountered through a High School art class. I continue to be inspired by Dadaism, Fantasy Art, and Surrealism. My style and inspiration have changed throughout my career.  Now I paint to express the things I have learned throughout my life illustrated by these Critters. I like to incorporate animals and humans as well as patterns and geometric shapes into my art. I have always been inspired by spiritual art, Buddhism, and Christianity. I also take inspiration from different cultural art such as Day of the Dead, aboriginal and tribal art, as well as Mardi Gras parades in South America and Mexico.  © Albert Schweizer

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